SEASON ONE/LAST EPISODE 0012 Laddie's Sky Club, Brookfield, OH

Laddie's Folks, Food and Fun... The Best Irish Pub in the Penn/Ohio Valley!

We are without words as to how much we appreciate you all having fun with us. We set out to do 12 and 12 we got.

NOW...We think we just might keep it up. Enjoy Laddie's Sky Club, Inc. One of the places where the whole JC thang began.

Dine In/Takeout: (330) 448-6668



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🎶 ☮♥️🎼



BBQ For Breakfast? Smoked Meats, Sauces, Smiles and More! The boys head over to Pap Pap's Smoke House in beautiful Greenville, Pennsylvania and Jody and Lisa Served Up A Spread. Pap Pap's Provides Catering TOO!!
Open Wed - Sun 5am to 7pm  BREAKFAST IS NOW SERVED FROM 5am - 11am
Dine In/Takeout: (724) 373-8356
"Oh my god Jay, look at it! It's as long as my arm! And look how heavy it is!" ~Chappy

Food Shovels and Food Hammocks of Love. Chappy & Jay are heading south of the border in Mercer, PA to Margarita KingFrozen Drinks and Smiling Faces. They have got it going on and a new location in Grove City, PA!


Takeout/Dine In: (724) 748-0150


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Chappy & Jay host a food review and are consistently utensil challenged. This time they head to Jamestown, Pennsylvania and visit sweet, sweet friends at Mortals Key Brewing Company,
They are ONLY OPEN ON SATURDAYS from 3:00pm to 7:00pm for takeout, food, beer, sodas, growlers and more!! 
Takeout: (724) 932-1080
#thetakeouttwins #supportlocalrestaurants #takeoutfoodbeer #spreadlove #bekind

The Folks in Edinboro, Pennsylvania are so good to us and the Edinboro Hotel Bar is where 80% of it happens!! If you haven't been do go sometime. Can we get a little poutine? 

"Hey guys, your personalized note meant so much to us. Thank you for being soo cool!" ~Chappy & Jay

Dine In/Takeout: (814) 734-5103



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Chappy & Jay go for a late night snack at The Clark House in Clark, Pennsylvania. More great food and saying hello to wonderful friends! Thank You Jerry McFarland, Kristin and Gang! Can't wait to be with you all again SOON!

"Little Love Babies of Delishiousness" ~Chappy

Takeout: (724)962-2095

#supportlocalrestaurants #thetakeouttwins #spreadlove #bekind 






Spreading Some Love with one of our favorite venues.  Smokin' J's in Conneautville, Pennsylvania. Jody, John and the entire gang we love you so much and can't wait to see you again! Folks...Bar Food Off The Charts!! Make the trip BEFORE we play there again. 

"I think you got one frog cheek and I got the other...Listen man I like frog Butt!" ~Jay & Chappy

(814) 683-2163


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A True Gem of Western Pennsylvania, North Country Brewing Company in Slippery Rock, PA is a destination location. The food is off the charts and our mutual friendship means the world to us. Jo, Bob, Everyone...THANK YOU!

Takeout Continues to be available! (724) 794-2337


"I also love naan, but I'm not sure what it is..." ~Chappy

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Chap & Jay continue to spread the love to people who have been so loving to Juvenile Characteristics.

This Episode join us at W Rick's Taproom & Grill, Butler, Pennsylvania for bags and beans and so much more!! Thank you Tricia, Amy, Rick and Everybody!!!

Takeout and Reservations (724) 482-2970


"These Seal 2 Go Bags are a @$#%&#! game changer." ~Rick Reiber

#foodtogo #spreadlove #takeouttwins #supportlocalrestaurants #bekind 



Chappy & Jay, The Takeout Twins, roll into Sharpsville, PA,
Muscarellas Cafe Italia!
Soup, Pasta and all kinds of goodies. 
"Little Pillows Of Love!"
(724) 962-1234 for Muscarellas Takeout.
Thank You Jess, Tom and the whole gang!
#supportlocaltakeout #spreadlove #bekind #thanksforbeingnice #takeoutfood #thetakeouttwins

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